Ayita - Blue Patina Copper Earrings

First to Dance - Blue Patina Copper Earrings

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Copper Patina Earrings

A silver circle takes up the dance with these blue/green copper patina earrings.  Long, light geometric copper shapes are hand cut and finished before they go into a salt and vinegar patina bath.  When the heat process is finished, clear lacquer is applied to each piece to set the color.  Unique coloring on each piece guarantees one-of-a-kind jewelry from our small batch process.  
Sterling silver ear wires are kind to sensitive ears. 


  • Colors: Green/Blue Patina (colors may vary)
  • Materials: Copper, .95 Sterling Silver Earring Back
  • Length: 23/4 inches (69.85mm)
  • Weight: 7g each (0.25oz)
  • Style: Desert Jewelry
  • Includes Asia Raine’s maker's mark to ensure authenticity
  • Entirely handmade in Salt Lake City
  • A patina is a coloration on the surface of the metal.  Each piece is sealed to not rub off with normal wear and are not harmful to any skin.

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